About Mailbee

“First you should always give. Demands come afterwards.”

Who We Are

Mailbee is a flexible team of experienced members, each specialized in specific IT sphere – SEO, content writing, email design, coding, and digital marketing.

Relocating our resources, we have managed to offer balanced high-quality solutions for creating decent email designs and coding them neatly.

We have accomplished over 2500 projects for 500+ customers.

Our motto is:

“First you should always give.
Demands come afterwards.”

Our History

It all has started a decade ago. It was a time full of uncertainty and many gaps about whether IT business would manage to handle all tough challenges and meet the ever-growing demands of the customers.

Email design and coding had been still a niche that was not the main target for digital agencies.

As an essential part of any marketing campaign, the proper email always acts as a major force for attracting and keeping customers.

The rest of us were highly motivated by the idea to run our own business and confirm his view.

Mission and Vision

The concept of the business in the 21st century has changed.

Customers should always be at the top of any company’s priority. In fact, they are your employer after all, literally.

Our mission is to create a sustainable business model in which both – customers and the business have mutual benefits by providing high-quality decisions for email design and coding.

Our vision is to establish long-term relations with all of our customers.