Privacy Policy

Terms for Usage

Mailbee cares a lot for our customers’ privacy and personal data. Our team has established our Privacy Policy in order to present the ways we attain and proceed with your personal data. You give consent to the requirements of this Privacy Policy by buying some of our services. In compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), mailbee acts as a “data protector” of its customers. If you have any questions in relation to our Privacy Policy, you can contact our team anytime.


Mailbee keeps the right to alter our Privacy Policy. You should inform yourself about any possible alterations and check for the latest update from time to time.

What Kind of Personal Information we Use

In order to maintain a high quality of our products and to keep you informed for any alterations and updates, our team uses and collect the following kind of personal data:

  • Name;
  • Email;
  • Address;
  • Mobile;
  • Company name;
  • Credit/Debit card details.

Mailbee would like to inform our customers that we also attain technical information like:

  • The browser you use;
  • Operating system;
  • IP;
  • The residential area and GMT;
  • URLs;
  • Device identifier;
  • Cookie info.

How we Progress with your Personal Information

Our team attains and uses your data for the sake of:

  • Manage your account;
  • Customer support;
  • Ease the technical execution of your financial transactions in order to buy our products;
  • Spread news about any alterations and forthcoming products;
  • For the services of our marketing department;
  • Analysis of your personal usage while surfing on mailbee;
  • Abide by all the rules and regulations in compliance with government authorities.

Mailbee reserves the right to include your email in our marketing campaigns. You can receive information about our new services, discounts or other information that could
be useful for you. Of course, you have the right to unsubscribe through contacting us and claim your request.

Legitimate Validity for Processing

By the time you give your consent about the amount of the price for your order, you automatically permit the further processing of your personal data. For example – signing the contracts on behalf of both sides and maintaining records of our communication about the products we provide to you. In case you only declare interest in our products, mailbee owns the right to attain and use your personal info in order to provide you with an adequate answer to your questions and requests. Also, we reserve the right to save our mutual communication only for our usage. Mailbee guarantees that your personal data will never be put on sale for the usage by third parties. Our top priority is to offer our customers services at the highest possible level and establish long-term relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

Collecting your Personal Information

  • Directly – via emails, claiming your orders, making an offer and etc;
  • Cookies – we use cookies for collecting your data. For more information, get familiar with our Cookie Policy;
  • Mailbee can get data from some other sources like – LiveChat, Google Analytics.

Mailbee never attains and use too personal information about you. In accordance with GDPR such could be your origin (ethnic, racial), political view, religion, health information, sex life or orientation and others. Moreover, mailbee does not attain information about any violence and criminal verdicts on behalf of you. Also, we do not use information from customers aged under 18.

Releasing your Personal Information

Mailbee can share your data with:

  • Hosting companies;
  • Mailbee staff;
  • Book-keepers.

Usage of your Personal Information by Third Parties

Any sort of information that is spread to third parties will be provided in compliance with the strict execution of all requirements of our Privacy Policy. The usage is strongly restricted only to the initial purpose of the service they offer. For instance, mailbee could share information with Google Analytics. For detailed information, you can get familiar with their Privacy Policy.


The protection of your personal data is essential for mailbee. We provide our protection through:

  • Encrypting your passwords;
  • Encrypting your data;
  • SSL encryption while claiming your order or executing payments;
  • Restricting the access to your data from your staff members;
  • The latter sign special confidential notes for not spreading personal information of customers.

Please, be informed that there is no protection method that guarantees 100% security of your data. In case, you have any queries about the protection of your personal data, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

The Rights of our Customers

The GDPR secures some fundamental rights for web users:

  • You can obtain any data that is connected with you at any time. This data could be related to the purpose we use it, its source and relation to third parties. You can get a duplicate for free. In case, you declare interest in other duplicates, mailbee has the right to aks for additional payment;
  • You have the right to demand the correction of your personal information. Our team will take measures to maintain it correct and updated;
  • You have the right to demand to delete your personal information if it is no longer demanded, it was attained by breaching the laws or by your sole objection to any further processing for ads;
  • You have the right to limit further processing of your data;
  • You can nullify your initially given consent;
  • You can ask for the provision of all data we keep in a machine-readable format for the usage of other firms;
  • You have the right to object to the further processing of your personal information due to reasons related to your special situation. In case we can provide evidence that the processing of your information is from significant importance, then we reserve the right to continue using it.

In case you would like to execute any of the above-listed rights, then you should get in contact with us. The request will be free but bear in mind that it should be complete, grounded and not repetitive. Specific information could be provided in order to confirm your identity. This a protection measure. Our team will need a minimum of 30 business days to process your request. You own the right to present any complaints on behalf of you to the CPDP (Commission for Personal Data Protection).

Cookies Policy

Mailbee relies on cookies in order to offer a better experience on our site and for the improvement of our services as a whole. Of course, you are able to make your browser block all or some particular cookies or to notify you which sites use cookies. If you do not consent to the usage of cookies for your personal data, a particular website can be inaccessible or function with limited content.