Email Template Design

If you are looking for branded email templates.

We create desktop email designs and provide a responsive layout on the client’s request.

Usually, a desktop design might be enough for the business but in some cases, it’s better to have responsive design too.

You can also take advantage of our Design + Coding package, contact us for more information and prices.

Our Process of email design

  • Discussion of the project requirements and understand what we need to succeed.
    We need to find out more about the template. Whether it’s going to be Welcome, Transactional, Newsletter template, or other.
  • Do you want us to integrate it into a specific Platform?
  • We clarify the elements that you want to be part of your email template.
  • After we clarify some other details we move forward to the design phase of the project.

Web Design

When you want your website to stand out from your competition.

Together we can build the road t0 the success of your company.

  • Meetings to discuss the project requirements and understand what we need to succeed.
  • Gather all necessary information and move forward into the process.
  • We create wireframes.
  • Upon approval, we design our first page, the Homepage.
  • The design is reviewed by the client and feedback is welcomed. Once we make the necessary improvements we continue on to the next pages.

Finally! Delivering high-quality files in a layered format to the clients.

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