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How Mailbee integrates your data?

In general, integration and migration of data could be difficult and elaborate processes.

Mailbee can facilitate the process of data flowing and make it convenient for usage with the newest marketing email platforms. Our team applies the latest ESP migration and integration data software novelties. “Those who own the data, own the power.”

You may have heard this epigram and it is fully workable in the world of business. It is essential to know your clients in detail and therefore make better decisions. As a consequence, you and your business could benefit from significant growth. Data is best controlled when it is applied to decent data integration software.

Furthermore, Mailbee could deliver especially for you the best decisions for integration and migration of your data.

When your email marketing needs migration?

ESP migration could turn out to be complicated. Our team could provide you with help for changing your ESP to another one. Moreover, Mailbee team could support you in better understanding and usage of the new system and data flowing process. The compatibility with salesforce is also maintained by our team.

The latter could provide your business with tools for bettering customer service and economic growth. The following features within your current email provider are put on focus:

  • customer lists
  • templates
  • integrations with API

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