What distinguishes Pardot email templates?

Pardot is an elaborate email marketing platform that enhances the business to empower sales, attract more customers and expand business shares.

Moreover, it offers solutions for automation of your activities within the scope of email marketing. Considering the latest stats and observations in 2019, companies that use its services (including Pardot HTML email templates) benefit from more than 35% ROI and 38% effectiveness and better overall performance.

What distinguishes Pardot email templates is the direct and immediate impact on the sales in your business.

Why you need Mailbee for your integration?

If you use it as your preferred ESP, then you will need a reliable partner that will effortlessly design, code and integrate your templates.

Mailbee could be your trustworthy ally for your successful email marketing campaign. Our team of experts code email designs into Pardot HTML emails and further integrate them. Moreover, your emails will be readable on all devices (computers, tablets, mobile phones).

How can you optimize your conversion rate with Mailbee?

Mailbee could act as your long-waited decision for optimizing your conversion rate and turn it to potential sales. We could be your partner in delivering the best possible solutions for your high-demanding customers by neatly coding and designing your emails.

Mailbee can help you optimize your conversions by:

  • – helping to better understand and observe your customers’ behaviour
  • – providing your customers with a personalized online experience
  • – securing high utility and readability of your Pardot files on all devices

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