Sketch to HTML

Sketch to HTML email templates

So, your desire is to have your emails easy-to-read and visible in all kinds of high-tech devices?

Mailbee is here with you to just help you solve your problems at a glance providing you with high-quality design files converted into HTML.

All you should do is to send your Sketch file and wait for the execution of your order within a short amount of time, usually 1 business day.

Our team of knowledgeable and skillful specialists will convert your design files from Sketch to HTML in a neat, hand-coded manner.

The newly-created HTML email template will be applied to a platform by your preference (Shopify, Pardot, Mailchimp, HubSpot and etc.).

What are the features?

By relying on the services of Mailbee, you have to get familiar with the main features that characterize our product.

Check them out below:

authentic hand-coding – the process of conversion from Sketch to HTML is performed manually by our team;

improved images – it concerns the users’ experience as a whole. Our team has been working on the process of reducing the loading time by proper conversion and optimization of your files;

compact size of your email templates – loading time depends on the compactness of your email templates. Mailbee integrates special elaborate code for proper optimization of your design files;

additional help – our team is always at your disposal for any help even after the post-purchase period. Do not hesitate to ask us and share your queries.

Your additional benefits with Mailbee

The work of Mailbee could be set apart and easily distinguished by 3 main criteria –
professionalism, quick execution of your order and additional support. By choosing Mailbee, you will be one step closer to perfection in email design and coding.

We are here to support your business and make it constantly grow.