Landing Pages

What we do

We can work with designs provided by you, or we can help you to design awesome landing pages.

Why landing pages are required for every email marketing campaign?

They are a special tool that is crucial for the success of every email marketing campaign. If you compare modern landing page with a web page, then you can easily find some basic differences. Web pages are focused on multiple goals while landing pages have just one priority – CTA (call to action).

The single focus on CTA is what makes them the best alternative for bettering the conversion rates of your email marketing campaign. Moreover, you can significantly cost sales shortcut.

What’s included?

  • Design from Scratch
  • Design to HTML conversion
  • Mobile responsive
  • Software integration
  • Custom JavaScript and PHP

More about designing landing pages

It is essential for them to be properly HTML coded, created with a neat design, and be simultaneously responsive to all devices (mobile phones, tablets, computers).

Responsive page design attracts a higher amount of conversions compared to ordinary pages.

Mailbee offers decisions for creating such pages from scratch as well as for a customized one.

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