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What is a responsive email?

A responsive email template is a specially designed template that is intended to be opened and read properly on all devices – desktop, mobile or tablet.

What distinguishes the service is its ability to adjust to any display. No matter you are reading it on your PC, mobile phone or tablet, it is expected to have the same impressive design and be conventional for reading.

The team of Mailbee uses an HTML email template code in the process of designing responsive emails in order to provide simultaneously quality and utility to its customers. One of the most irritating things for most of you could be to receive an email that cannot be read properly on your mobile phone.

That means that the sender has not invested much effort and time in reaching its potential customer base. So why you should do business with such kind of people at all?

Mailbee is doing all it takes to avoid such huge mistakes.

Who is suitable for?

In short, this product is an integral part of digital marketing and all business need it in order to maintain or attract their clients.

More than half of all emails are first opened on a mobile device, so it is crucial to provide the info for your campaigns and activities in a conventional and readable way.

Perhaps you may think that you own a different kind of business and you do not have to use responsive email templates with a decent design.

You should do all it takes preliminary in order to make sure that all of your customers are reached in all possible ways.

As one of the pioneers in designing, Mailbee strongly recommends using our HTML templates to stay competitive and improve your results with every marketing campaign.

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